Why I’m Running

I love Idaho!  I am in awe of its majestic mountains, beautiful rivers and streams, never-ending rich farm lands, rugged canyons and stunning views.  But more importantly, I am in awe of the people of Idaho!  Idahoans are strong, resilient, innovative, kind and very compassionate people.  Becca and I  have been so blessed to raise our children here around people of good character and strong work ethics.

Idaho is a wonderful place to live and work but I believe it is ready and anxious to soar into the future.

I'm running for Governor because Idaho needs a proven conservative leader with a vision for a stronger and more prosperous Idaho.  Idaho is ready for a Governor who will get government out of the way.  Government regulations and taxes have stifled growth; politicians in power have passed out favors to the well connected; and education and health care has been crippled by federal mandates.  My vision for a stronger Idaho unleashes the raw potential of our state.

Idaho needs a leader in the governor’s office who will fight to restore citizen control of our government, buck the establishment, and drain the swamp.   No longer will government pick winners and losers.  No longer will government arbitrarily erect barriers to entry, punish those who succeed, or tolerate cronyism.  For too long special interest groups and crony capitalists have lined their own pockets with your tax dollars.  We need a leader who will hold people accountable, make government more efficient, more transparent, and fully open for citizen review.

My conservative vision will make Idaho stronger and more prosperous than we ever imagined.  Idaho is a place of infinite opportunity.  A place where our children believe they can accomplish remarkable things tomorrow, regardless of their circumstances today.   I want Idaho to truly be a land of unbounded opportunity for everyone, not just a select few.

All around this state you can feel the excitement of the people that are ready for dynamic, conservative leadership to propel us to greater prosperity and growth.  I know that conservative principles make people’s lives better, because they unlock people’s full potential.  Idaho needs a leader who has succeeded in defending and implementing conservative policies not just slick politicians who make empty campaign promises.

To reach this goal Idaho needs a governor who’s trustworthy, a proven conservative leader with a consistent record.  My record is clear, consistent, and open for all to see.  We need leader who isn’t afraid to make tough decisions and stand up for what is right no matter the consequences.  Someone with the courage to opt out of Obamacare, end Common Core, slash taxes and regulations, and stand up to the good ol’ boys club once and for all.

I’ve been honored to represent the people of Idaho in Congress. Over the years you’ve come to know me.  You have watched me fight for you and not the special interests.  You watched me deliver on my promises.  You know I always tell the truth.  You know exactly what to expect from me.  You know you can trust me.

Now, I ask you to join me in this fight for Idaho's future.  Together, let's make Idaho strong!

Raúl Labrador


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