Raúl Labrador had a perfect pro-life voting record in the Idaho Legislature and will always vote to protect and defend innocent human life. Raúl also believes that marriage is between one man and one woman and strongly supported Idaho’s constitutional amendment protecting marriage. Raúl is a pro-life proponent and will consistently vote against any legislation that provides federal funding for abortion.


Raúl is a staunch opponent of Obamacare and knows that it’s harmful to Americans and their constitutional rights. Obamacare should be replaced with solution that encourages free enterprise, such as purchasing insurance across state lines. Raúl will continue to fight for solutions to our current healthcare crisis.

Natural Resources

Idaho is a beautiful state that benefits from abundant natural resources. Whether it’s farming, logging, or mining, Idahoans rely on these natural resources to feed their families and to grow our economy.

That’s why Raúl supports legislation that encourages development of the state’s natural resources.  The federal government prevents Idahoans from utilizing these resources to benefit our economy. Raúl champions legislation that allows development of natural resources on federal lands.

At a time when the federal government should be making money to offset the deficit, the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management generates just 73 cents for every dollar spent on the management of federal lands.  Raúl is using his position on the Natural Resources Committee to create new governing framework that will result in these federal lands becoming productive once again.

Civil Liberties

It’s the responsibility of elected officials to protect the people from an intrusive government.

That’s why Raúl opposes the government collecting bulk information about its citizens, such as phone data. The constitution guarantees our individual rights and freedoms, and Raúl will fight against a government that attempts to take those away. He opposes legislation that threatens that which we would most dear— our right to personal freedom.

No government should overstep it’s constitutional authority. Which is why Raúl supports smarter sentencing for crimes. Instead of the government imposing minimum sentencing, Raúl believes the punishment should fit for the crime. Rather than clumping non-violent criminals with those who have committed more extreme crimes, judges should be given the flexibility to sentence criminals accordingly.


America can’t succeed without a strong, growing economy.

Most politicians go to Washington and fail to deliver on their promise to lower taxes and decrease government spending. But Raúl makes the tough decisions that produce results. He supports legislation that puts Americans back to work.

He wants to end intrusive government regulations that burden American business owners and hinder their pursuit of the American dream. That’s why he stands for reforming our tax code in order to remain competitive, and putting more money back in American’s pockets.

Idahoans can bring home more of their hard-earned paycheck thanks to Raúl’s work in Congress. He’s sponsored legislation to permanently reduce the ever-growing burden placed on taxpayers and voted against raising taxes. That includes eliminating loopholes and creating a simple and fair tax code.


Raúl came to Congress to reign in reckless spending and balance the budget. Our national debt has climbed to over $19 trillion, and it’s time for us to do something about it.

In order for our country to succeed, Raúl knows Congress must balance the budget and cut spending.  Our economy cannot fully recover until significant cuts are made to federal spending. Raúl also supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which will ensure our nation’s prosperity for future generations.


It’s time to fix our broken immigration system.  Instead of a massive comprehensive immigration bill, Raúl is advocating for a step by step approach to creating a modern immigration system.  The first step to real reform is securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws already on the books.  We also need to fix our broken visa system and implement a robust guest worker program.  After Congress passes real reform, then we can deal with those who are here illegally.