About Raúl

A Family Man

Raúl and his wife, Rebecca, are the proud parents of five children – Michael, Katerina, Joshua, Diego and Rafael — and their daughter-in-law Rachel. They live in Eagle, ID, where all five of their children have attended local public schools.

Raúl and Becca have been married for 25 years. Raúl and Rebecca are both active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and involved in community life. Raúl, who is an Eagle Scout, has also previously volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America.

Raúl knows the importance of family. He was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in a single parent home. Even though they struggled financially, his mother always taught him the value of a good education and she worked hard to make sure that he had opportunities that she didn’t have. Raúl’s mother moved their small family to the mainland where Raúl completed high school. After high school, Raúl worked and paid his way through college, earning a degree from Brigham Young University and a law degree at the University of Washington.

Raúl built a successful small business and was the owner and managing partner of a law firm with offices in Boise and Nampa. He learned what it meant to meet a payroll and understood the burdens that Washington puts on the backs of small businesses.

A Proven Conservative Leader

Having achieved his dreams of a loving family and successful career, Raúl decided to run for public office as a way to give back, and to help ensure future Idaho generations have the same opportunities he once had to dream big. In the Idaho Legislature, Raúl established himself as a leading conservative and emerged as one of the most prominent conservative leaders in Washington.

As a Congressman, Raúl has been a leader in reining in government waste and a fierce defender of individual freedom. He has been a strong advocate for scaling back the size and scope of government and has fought to protect Idahoans by voting for every measure that would reduce our tax burden and reduce government spending. Raúl has been a tireless champion of a small, yet efficient and effective government.

Raúl is a true conservative – he’s strongly pro-life and a consistent defender of the Second Amendment. He has stood for Idaho by opposing Obamacare, working to stop federal overreach by unelected bureaucrats, and by fighting to close our borders to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. Raúl has always stood up for Idaho, even if it meant standing up against the leadership of his own party. Labrador believes that as a public servant it's his responsibility to protect the people of Idaho, not the special interests.

Raúl knows that true leadership is about action. And that’s what Idaho needs -- a proven conservative leader who follows through with his promises, vigorously defends conservative principles, and makes the tough choices when things are hard. Too many politicians make promises they can’t keep, but not Raúl. He’s known for keeping his promises.

As our Governor, Raúl will bring his trusted leadership back home to the people of Idaho. You can trust Raúl to deliver on his promises, applying his conservative values and making sure Idaho is a place where everyone has a bright future. A place where special interests and politicians do not pick winners and losers. A place where everyone is treated fairly. A place where people can dream big. A brighter Idaho for all of us.


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